It’s not just for dancers!
The North Star Ballet offers a program of mat classes apparatus and private lessons in the Classical Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. We have a fully equipped Pilates studio and certified instructors. Regardless of age or physical condition, Pilates will help you to feel good, look good and be healthy.

Why Pilates?
The Pilates system of conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates combines intense mental conditioning with physical training to produce a lean, lithe physique, proper body alignment and balance. Based on strengthening support muscles deep within the body, the system facilitates change in neuromuscular patterns to stabilize the spine and build flexibility and strength in the extremities.

The system has two interrelated components, mat work; learning the basic Pilates exercises and concepts, and apparatus work; an enhancement of the mat work or, in some cases, a means of therapeutic exercise to address specific injuries or weaknesses.

Mat Classes are available at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Apparatus work is available by private lesson or group classes. Chair classes are available for those with limited mobility.

Our Certified Instructors are Sue Faulkner and Ruth Merriman.

For more information or to book a class, call (907) 451-8800. We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash or checks.

Mat Classes

Tuesday 8-9am: Intermediate/Advanced

Wednesday 10-11am: Beginning/Intermediate
Thursday Noon-1pm: Beginning/Intermediate
Thursday 10:30-11:30am: Chair Pilates
($5, a class for those with limited mobility)

$15 per class for drop-in or purchase a card for 10 classes and get one free.

Scheduled Equipment Classes

Monday – Thursday 5:30-6:30pm

Limited to 3 students per class, $20 per person if there are three students.

Private Equipment Classes

By appointment only, rates vary by the number of students booking the class.