COVID-19 Protocols

Before Class 

  1. Hand sanitizer stations will be set up outside each studio.
  2. Barres, equipment, and door handles will be wiped down with 409 and then 1% bleach solution (remade daily) at least five minutes before class begins.
  3. While in lobby, all individuals must maintain a 6-foot social distance, and wear a mask.

 Upon Arrival 

  1. Students must arrive no more than 5 minutes before class.
  2. Students must come to class dressed and ready for class. No changing in locker rooms.
  3. A designated staff member will be stationed at the lobby door taking students’ temperatures and asking the following questions. In the last 14 days...
    1. Have you traveled outside of Alaska?
    2. Has anyone in your family been in contact with someone with an active case of COVID?
    3. Have you had a fever over 100°F, difficulty breathing, or a cough?
      If students/parents answer yes to any of the above, they may not enter the lobby.
  4. Students must then wash their hands with soap and water before entering the studio. Only two people at a time in the bathroom.
  5. Students and parents must wear a face mask in order to enter the lobby.
  6. Face masks while in class are optional unless the instructor says otherwise. Students are welcome to wear face masks while in class if they so choose. Currently, all instructors are requiring face masks.
  7. Parents must leave the lobby immediately after dropping off their child.

During Class

  1. Studio capacity will not exceed 14 people.
  2. Students and instructors will maintain a 10-foot social distance at the barre, 12-foot distance at center.
  3. Students and instructors will wear face masks at all times.
  4. No more than 2 students to a barre
  5. Doors to the studio will be open during class to optimize ventilation

After Class

  1. Students will leave immediately after class (no changing in the locker rooms).
  2. Barres, equipment, and common surfaces will be wiped down with 1% bleach solution.

 Staff Protocols

  1. Staff will receive training of all new safety/disinfecting protocols.
  2. Staff members must wear a cloth mask at all times while in the facility. 
  3. Staff will be screened upon entry and a daily log of those results will be kept.
  4. Staff members cannot share office space.

In the event someone tests positive for COVID-19

  1. Staff members and students who feel ill, for any reason, have an obligation to stay home until they are feeling better. If a staff member or student falls ill while at North Star Ballet, they must leave the premises as soon as is reasonably possible. 
  2. If a staff or student believes they have been infected with COVID-19 they must report it to North Star Ballet immediately.  
  3. If a staff or student tests positive for COVID-19, they must report this to North Star Ballet immediately. North Star Ballet will then cancel that student's class for two weeks and ask families to monitor their children for symptoms. An email will go out to the larger student body letting everyone know a student or staff member tested positive, but the identity of the individual will be kept private.

Community Spread

We base our decision to close the studio due to community spread of the virus on our experience in the studio and our understanding of the local COVID situation. We will make decisions about closing the school based on many factors that include a sustained high weekly average case count. But our hope is to keep our students dancing, in-studio, for as long as possible before we feel the need to shut down again. We understand you as parents need schedules that you can count on, and your children need a safe place to gather which gets them out of the house and away from their computer screens. If we need to shut down for a period of time, we will make that announcement on Saturdays to give families as much notice as possible. 

The best way to stay up to date on the current situation and find guidance is to check the following website often:

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services