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Thank you to Our Sponsors


Benefactors $2,500+
Alaska Airlines
Dr. Walt and Marita Babula
Dr. Cary and Ms. Sarah Keller
Alison York & Brian Barnes
Bill Stroecker Charitable Foundation
Daniel & Yvette Thompson
David & Eleanor Denton
Design Alaska
Fairbanks Arts Association
Fairbanks Cancer Care Physicians
Golden Heart Emergency Physicians
Golden Valley Electric Foundation
Johnson River Enterprises
Pat Turner
Usibelli Foundation

Patrons $1,000 - $2,499
Dollar Rent a Car - Fairbanks
Don Hampton & Anne Ruggles
Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic of Fairbanks
Fairbanks Host Lions
Fred Meyer Community Reward Program
Kinross-Fort Knox
Ruth & Harry Merriman
True North Business Solutions
Denton Family

Contributors $500 - $999
‘Nanne Myers
Denali State Bank
Design Alaska
Eielson Officer's Spouses Club
Elizabeth Hammond
Emily Ennis & Larry Gooding
Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival
Fit Body Boot Camp
John and Erika Meriwether
Jon & Marian Lundquist
Kinross Fort Knox
Nan & Loyd Hampton
‘Nanne Myers
Rob Cemak & Kate Hedstrom
Tanana Valley Clinic, OMM Dept
TOTE Maritime Alaska
Usibelli Foundation
Carole Resnick

Supporters $250 - $499
Alaska Railroad Corporation
Anonymous (College Floral)
Bob and Leslie Hajdukovich
Chena Hot Springs Resort
Dave Personious
Downtown Rotary Club of Fairbanks
Elizabeth Hammond
Fairbanks, AK ELKS Lodge No. 1551
Fred DeCicco & Kay Hackney
In My Element
Jim & Susie Hackett
Kelly Wein
Renee Loustalot
Ross & Rosie Madnick
Rotary Club of Fairbanks
Stephen Lacatena
Cindy Hardy

Friends $100 - $249
Alan & Barbara Braley
Bill And Theresa Reed
Bruce & Judy Hutchison (to honor Kate LaPlaunt)
Chair Pilates Class
Connie Parks Karl & Bernard Karl
Delamere Family
Don & Judie Triplehorn
Eleanor Bows
Eric Schmidt
Fairbanks Drama Association
Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra
Far Above Rubies
Jeanne Mars Armstrong
Josie Wooding
Judie & Don Triplehorn
Marilyn Biagi & Charlie Parr
Molly C. Lee & Mike Krauss
Monte Jordan
Nancy Gigliotti
North Pole Coffee Roasting Company
Odom Corporation
Riverboat Discovery/ Gold Dredge 8
Sally and Richard Wien
Steve Schmidt
Theresa Reed
Wendy Ehnert

Family $1 - $99
Barbara Day & James Dixon
Dave & Jackie Bloom
Fairbanks Concert Association
Gail Mayo
Janet Lokken Marshall
Jeannette Therriault
Joan Hilker
Lisa Schmidt
Lottie Fleeks
Peggy Birkenbuel
Rick & Donna Ruggles
Sam's Club
Sourdough Fuel
UAF Theater Department
Wendy & Robert Arundale
Hosanna Tolman
Nora Foster

Ms. Sue Perry Jordan Scholarship Fund
Alice Sullivan
Anne Ruggles & Don Hampton
Cathleen Clay
Connie Stricks
Courtland Weaver
David & Marilyn Fraizer
Elizabeth, Beth, Isabel Hammond
Gary & Laura Bender
Irene & Dan Wood
Irene Wood
J. Tryck
Jamie Chenoweth
Katie Baird
Kelly Wein Tolle
Kim Smith Hauft
Kim Troxel & Steve Ratzloff
Lazloffy Family Foundation
Maryann Frazier
Sarah Cavanaugh
Selina Chu
Tom Hammond
Wendy Ehnert

Pick.Click.Give Donors
Margaret Baird
Brian Barnes
Anne Biberman
Martha Bristow
John Burr
Tara Carroll
Abigail Conklin
Heather Conklin
Terry Conklin
Thomas Conklin
Kiara Curry
Charles Gallagher
Nancy Gigliotti
Donald Hampton
Jasmine Hanley
Sue Hughes
Eliza Lawler
Mary Beth Leigh
Kendra McCarty
Calvin Moses
Carol Nielsen
Anne Ruggles
Ellen Williams
Alison York
Kristen Zayon

Next Step Building Fund


Brean Charitable Fund
Carl & Ruth Benson
Carla Helffrich & Peter McCroy
Connie & Bernie Karl
Daniel & Yvette Thompson
Dixie & David Quant
Don Hampton & Anne Ruggles
Dr. Keith & Ms. Vilma Gianni
Eleanor Bows
Elizabeth Schaffhauser
Elizabeth Shapland
Emily Ennis & Larry Gooding
Frank & Judy Williams
Gail Mayo
Mindy Gallegher
Ellen Weiser
Rosemary Madnick & Ross Tyler
Nicole Eiseman
Hannah Andersen
Len Kamerling & Julie Kaufman
Meg Baird
Jack Wilbur
Sherry Lewis
Patricia Stark
Francine Mears
Ross Tyler Design
Marsha Sousa
Kahdija Slaughter
Jennifer Cerovski & Pete Robirds
M.G. and L. D. Hinzman
Phyllis Pendergrast & Charles Lemke
Sharon Cerovski
Arlayne Knox
Sidney Stephens & Wilham Sheriden
Ingrid Herried
Janette (Stanberry) Cole
Ruth Lyle
Cara Cramer
Denton Family
Jeffery Gordon
Randi Jandt & Jon Larson
Arthur Hussey and Janet Daley
Lynn Larsen
Janice Dawe
Larry Kaplan

Gerry & Melody Springer
Interior Cabaret Hotel Restaurant and Retailers
Jayne Naze
Jean W. James
Jennifer Delamere
Joan Hilker
Judy Hutchinson
Monte L. Jordan
Nan Hampton
Patricia Turner
Rob Cemak & Kate Hedstrom
Ruby Marine
Terese Kaptur
W. King Grant Jr.
Marilyn Biagi
Dana Truffer-Moudra
Amber Wood
Jennifer and Seth Danielsen
Alison York & Brian Barnes
Charles Parr
Penny Wakefield & Ken Alt
Donald & Carol Callahan
Jim & Rosalind Baird
‘Nanne Meyers
Rheba Dupras
Joan & Mike McGlinchy
Leon Lynch & Karen Post
Kade & Tanya Mandelowitz
SportsMedicine Fairbanks
Sarah & Steve Masterman
Charles & Reatha Whiting (in memory of Tanya Weaver)
David & Maryann Frazier (in memory of Sue Perry)
NJ Paldi
Sally Wein
Wendy Langton
Allison Zusi
Kevin Hankins
Courtland Weaver
Suzanne Maestas
Theresa McFarland
Nargaret Willet
Gretchen Petersen
Annie Vrijmoet
Katie Baird
Suzanne & Sam Bishop
Ron & Marsha Smith
Linda & David Witt

Dick & Jo Scott
Brian & Kate LaPlaunt
Dr. David and Ms. Helen Burrell
John & Judy Binkley
John and Denise Cook
Karen Parr
Lynn & Pete Mayo
Margo Matthews
Mary Ann Nickles
Mary Beth Leigh
Aunna Wilson
Rebecca Dunne
Greta Myerdrin-Tape
Elizabeth Parr
Karen and Kent Pyne
Sarah Robinson
Craig B. Salsbury Trust
Matt, Carrie, Totsten, and Aven Heavner
Arturo Frizzera
Ellen York
Sarah Keller
Dan & Ann Swift
Hon. Winston & Glenda Burbank
Mary Zalar & Ken Whitten
Leah Sansone
Jim Dixon & Barbara Day
Anne & Owen Hanley
Judith Shiffler
Helen Howard
Reneè Loustalot & Mark Overholt
Uma Bhatt & David Newman
Leonard & Kristine Thiltgen (in memory of Jane Brand)
Daryl Wise
Martha Springer
Dan Uliassi
David Kreiss-Tomkins
Candence Bakgok
Helen Danielsen
Amy Zacheis
Janlee Irving
Aleah Zody
Karen Perdue
CB Bettisworth
Janice Dawe & Larry Kaplan
Hans & Carol Nielsen

In Memory of Jane Brand

Gayle Miller


Donor Bill of Rights

Philanthropy derives from voluntary action for the common good. To ensure that donors to the North Star Baller can have full confidence in the NSB and our work, we establish these rights to donors:

  • To be informed of NSB’s mission, of how NSB intends to use donated resources, and of NSB’s capacity to use donations effectively for the donation’s intended purpose.
  • To be informed of the identity of those serving on NSB’s governing board and to expect the board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.
  • To have access to NSB’s most recent financial statements.
  • To be assured that gifts will be used for the purposes for which they are given.
  • To receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition.
  • To be assured that information about gifts is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.
  • To expect that all relationships with individuals representing NSB will be professional by nature.
  • To be informed whether those seeking donations to NSB are volunteers, employees of the NSB, or hired solicitors.
  • To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful, and forthright answers.
  • The North Star Dance Foundation does not share its mailing lists with anyone.