*Note: The amounts listed here are accurate estimates of tuition rates but the actual cost may be slightly less so please call North Star Ballet to discuss your dancer's schedule, North Star Ballet payment plans, tuition assistance programs, and scholarships.


The North Star Ballet is a non-profit organization. We are dependent on tuition, ticket sales, rental income and donations to pay our mortgage, meet our payroll, and pay our bills. If tuition is late that can cause difficulties in our ability to meet our financial obligations. Please help us by paying your tuition on time. Thank you!

  • All students must register through the North Star Ballet office and make their first tuition payment prior to their first class of the semester.
  • Payment may be made by cash, check (made payable to North Star Ballet) or credit card. There will be a $25 charge for returned checks.
  • There is a $30 per semester, per family registration fee due at the time of registration.
  • Payment plans are available by making an appointment with the Registrar to sign a payment agreement. Tuition will be divided into three payments. Fall semester payments are due at registration, October 1, and November 1. Spring semester payments are due at registration, February 1, and March 1.
  • If arranging a payment plan for more than one student, you must make a down payment of 25%of the total semester tuition before the first class.
  • Pro-rated tuition is available at the time of enrollment.
  • Company participation fees must be paid with the first tuition payment and are not eligible for prorated payment.
  • Tuition is calculated by the semester. There will be no prorating or refunds due to absences.
  • If you owe tuition from the previous semester you must first pay that amount in full before your student can register for and attend class in the new semester.
  • Work-study awards apply to the semester after they are earned except in the case of students in their senior year.
  • Scholarships and financial aid requests must be made prior to the beginning of the fall semester for the full year, or prior to the first day of classes for the spring semester. Any amount awarded will be deducted from the total tuition. The balance is subject to the payment policies above.
  • A $20 late fee will be charged for payment over two weeks late. Participation, including classes and performances will be discontinued for students who are more than two weeks late with their tuition.
  • Make up classes are only available by pre-arrangement in the case of illness, injury, or family emergency. Make up classes are not available for students who choose to miss class due to a birthday party or similar event.